Rentokil move 30,000 people beyond the LMS

Before R L M S It was pretty static it was pretty boring it was a typical place where people would go when they were told to do learning we knew we needed to do something different we wanted a place that people would go to on their own and that they would feel part of the overall learning experience rather than just I need to go and do this money tree piece of training. A few System A was rarely completely different to anything else that was out there on the market it really captured the essence of what we wanted to do. And also provided a platform that we can gauge uses in our learning journey. I suppose there were three elements that I was quite keen that a new system could provide the first one was game for cation we were really looking forward to running internal competitions whether that's giving a bottle of champagne to someone who's uploaded to the most content in the previous month or again having some sort of internal recognition for usage of the system the second element was the recording functional take we want people to be creating sharing collaborating with other uses giving their experiences and also learning as part of doing site so the fact that users can capture their own information their own content do their own screencast directly from within the tool to me was quite revolutionary feature so the fact that people can do that whether they're on the desktop a couple of or most importantly on a mobile phone was pretty unique and pretty and if it if the third element that really captured my attention was the unique user interface used as being developed so that it looks like existing social media tools just got the feel of Google plus it's got the feel of Facebook and that's what people use to be now in their own lives and. There's some great functionality. But some fuses wrote about what we think will really fit with our business strategy this year so for me it's the joining of that functionality and our strategy to really solve some of our business critical problems. We worked with Fuse truck to come up with a tool kit to enable us to migrate a lot of the content across quickly and enable us to get started on the overall migration took about twelve weeks end to end. From an end user respective to keep up was absolutely fantastic right away from day one people just find it far more intuitive even people being used to the existing elem ass said that it was a far better learning experience for me what was crucial and what sticks and analytics from within few showed was that once people were in the elements it was easy to navigate and fight the existing content and that wasn't the case with the previous elements. In November alone last year we saw more users complete content and view content on Fuse than we did in the whole of three years previously of R L M S combined so three years worth of views in one month is pretty outstanding for me really shows that fuse is the right system for us to be using We're seeing the usage of the elements doubling each month or expecting that to continue at least for the next two quarters. To me really shows how views is engaging with our users and how our users are engaging with Fuz and love in the experience the rental initial use and fuse it's really been an exciting and if it's effects periods we're really looking forward to what the future holds because we really believe the future is for us.