Fuse Engagement Concepts - Video 1 - Introduction

How do you make fuse work for you how do you achieve real lasting success for your call business from our experience working with world class clients across multiple industries we've discovered five key concepts of resulted in real way with each of these concepts also about the background of motivation behind it and how they can be made into reality. The starting point is all a part of my boss' strategy can embrace in a monk sure of mobile first this leads on to the content itself and the result of a into bite size for just that in turn naturally leads to blended limeade and social learning and finally we wrap it all together with a communication strategy. What you realize over the course of these videos and there is quite a nice fluctuates if you start with a mobile phone a strategy before you making smarter decisions about content and a wise design. From there when you've developed your voice so it's pretty obvious that enables you to start thinking about different mothers of blended learning assessment parts of making the successful is getting people to actually create their own video content leading us nicely to the social and the why the feel of social learning social and can also be used to drop back into and provide the formal live to the full limits of the blood that cools off more on these in supply later finally there's the concept of the communication structures your sense of right and fused it may seem separate from the other concepts but you find it's a ubiquitous element they can capture light civil war saying Paris of the communications knowledge management social learning and formal learning assets marketing and branding pieces are all connected and what not most people simply on the same thought. The first four concepts all about changing mindsets by changing the way the work is done and that's why the overarching aspects of communication just perfect on the peace talks in the next video what we're talking about the exciting concept of a mobile first strikes again.